I’m currently on the lookout for a guitar picks that are cool  for my acoustic and electric that can turn my 6 string acoustic into sounding like a 12 string guitar.

I have tried many guitar pedals to achieve a 12 string sound. There are a lot of good pedals that will do the job well. off the top of my head I can think of TC electronics but there are a lot more.

These pedals worked but the problem was that I had to be plugged into a PA system or an amplifier to achieve the sound I wanted so my problem was yet to be solved.

A friend of mine introduced me to the plectone guitar pick which is a really cool guitar picks. The plectone has two picks so when you strum it sounds like a 12 string! This is unbelievable technology that is actually really simple.

Plectone Guitar Picks

This new cool guitar pick has allowed me to solve my problem of having to plug my guitar into some form of amplification. Now I can take my six string acoustic or electric guitar anywhere I wish and will always get the 12 string sound.

People wonder why I don’t just buy a 12 string but I really dislike the size of the neck and I much prefer the feel of only 6 strings.


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